Twitter 101 in 140 Characters or Less

During a night of idleness yesterday, I decided to post some “guidelines” for being on Twitter using the hashtag #Twitter101. Here is a recap of an evening of tweeting about how to tweet!

With every tweet you are either giving people a reason to retweet or a reason to unfollow. #Twitter101

NO ONE is going to follow you if your picture is an egg with a coloured background. #Twitter101

Careful what you tweet, it might come back and get you someday. #Twitter101

If your following > followers x 10, you are a spammer. #Twitter101

Don’t send auto DMs (Twitter Direct Messages). Just don’t. #Twitter101

On 98% of the times, I don’t care about what you had for lunch. #fact #Twitter101

If you reply to every single tweet I post, you are not being kind, you are being a stalker. #Twitter101

T.W.E.E.T = Timely, Worth-reading, Educational, Entertaining, and Tweople-connecting. #Twitter101 (via @timage)

If you happen to like someone’s tweet. RT (ReTweet), I repeat RT, DON’T COPY. #Twitter101 (via @deppys)

If ALL you tweet are promotions of your product, I’m DEFINITELY going to unfollow you, and NOT buy your product. #Twitter101 #marketing

Know the difference between engaging in conversations and sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong. #Twitter101

Numbers don’t mean anything; 100 relevant, interacting followers are worth more than 1000 random followers. #Twitter101

Last but not least, the oldest and most important advice: BE YOURSELF. #Twitter101

Hope that was useful! If you are a new Twitter user and can’t find your way around, I would be more than glad to help. Contact me! Have some other tips? Leave them in comments!

Also, if you are not already following me on Twitter, do it now! :p

Happy Easter :)